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Each time a cloud of sorrow is pale Yuan, many different promotional materials to begin every now and then "fly" to the Yuan. "The uprising is the better option, surrender is planning, benefit the Qing court was the worst", "rebel political treatment, every day life is guaranteed. Surrender isn't cat or swear, casualty treatment and preferential treatment. Recalcitrant dead "," General Tso's uprising, expensive because the Deputy Commander in Chief, Zeng Guofan's oppose me, bihongmao continues to be "... ... To determine it all day, plus field day than the usual day, people naturally start to change.
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 Mintel blinked: "Yes. I've just become a master. Inside is typical. "See red about the Frido face a pale, Minte couldn't help breaking smiled:" exactly what are you scared of? I don't in regards to you, old friend! "He patted shoulder of FIER, funny to find the founder of muscles and stiff.
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See this, the center continues to be within a little bit of confidence.
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 "Here, this is my home. "Kadje voice happens.
Ten people saying a loud shout, climb, Nouwen once sneered, as part of his basement, not knowing he'd nothing, just the kick, countless rocks downward tumble, ten saw rocks coming, pale with fear, and rushed to Parry.
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