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"The fools! This to not be so obedient! "Luan was a tear slowly rolled on the face of intolerance.
In under half a year's time, has lost her monarchs and Regents from the faladisi Empire, and civil war a lot more than, as peep, people led a noisy agitation of the Empire--the events of the entire year for that Empire, and it is absolutely a tragic year.
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 "......" (Other version)
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Two men soon at the wooden ladder. There's mud everywhere. Two shovels to the ground. Next throw a bucket. Obviously dirty yet. Analyzed. Can vaguely be observed on top of a thick wooden planks. Just across the wooden ladder top.
Yard generally there would be a bamboo whistle with a sharp chirp, then immediately came running footsteps and soon people started calling the password team, lying quiet in huzhuang was completely broken, turned into time for you to drill.
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